Home Assignments
Number Due Published Exercise Solution
0 Nov. 16th Nov. 2nd HW0
1 Dec. 7th Nov. 17th HW1 Student solution
2 Dec. 26th Dec. 7th HW2 Student solution (th) Student solution (pr)
3 Jan. 8th Dec. 21st HW3 Student solution 1 Student solution 2 (th) Student solution 2 (pr)
4 Jan. 22th Jan. 8th HW4 Student solution 1 Student solution 2
5 Feb. 12th Jan. 22th HW5 Solution

The box for submitting exercises is in the Schreiber building, at the basement floor. Directly to your left, there are several large boxes; the course's box is the leftmost. Exercises will be returned in the "hive" next to the large boxes; the course's cell is in the rightmost column, near the top.


The following can be helpful in creating plot in nova directly to files: http://matplotlib.org/faq/howto_faq.html#generate-images-without-having-a-window-appear

A useful guide for working on university servers (credit: Barak Itkin).

Grades for HW0-5.

Important: Student solutions for HW3 and HW4 were not checked - they are there for your use with caution.

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